Twig weaving

Today we gathered at Bronwen’s house for an afternoon of weaving on y-shaped twigs. Everyone had brought different yarns, fabric strips, roving and whatever materials they found lying around.

After we helped the kids set up the warp the colour fun began. We used darning needles for the weaving. The results were a variety of bright expressions of everyone’s personalities. Thank you for taking the pictures, Bronwen! It was a fun afternoon!


bannock making

After a mild January the world was once again covered in white. In the pine plantation were a few small dead trees which would make excellent firewood. Maia sawed two down and soon supplied us with some fire making material. The boys were on a secret mission and managed to sneak up on us with us almost not noticing while we built the fire. When the crackling sounded promising Jo, joined by the little people, harvested apple branches which were going to turn into roasting sticks. We had each brought some pizza dough which we wrapped around the sticks and baked in the fire. It took a while until it got crispy and so the kids sledded down from the road into the ditch and beyond. We won’t go into encounters between the tobaggan and the thorn bush (which thereafter was sawed off). When we all had enjoyed enough bread on the stick (as it is called in German -Stockbrot) we played a few rounds of hide and seek. After discovering monkeys high up in the trees there was time for one last game that Jo taught us called Owl and Mice.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside in the winter?

Painting Gourds


So this morning I just didn’t have it in me to take everyone outside to make our usual fire and get some fresh air. We stayed in and since I had soaked, scrubbed and dried the gourds the night before and they were ready to be beautified we did just that. And it was awesome. We pulled out the acrylics and dove right in. There are still two swan gourds waiting to be turned into birdhouses or shakers. Stay tuned for that.

It is almost halfway through winter which hasn’t really been winter this month. My fingers are already starting to itch and I am pulling out the gardening books. As much as I do love the snow springtime always gets me so excited. It must be the returning light. Not yet though.